black and white pepper (whole/ground)

black and white pepper (whole/ground) from JOYPAUL TRADING

By: JOYPAUL TRADING  08/19/2010
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Description :                         Produced from dried unripe fruits of the plant Piper        nigrum. Clean,free from pests, foreign matters as well as admixtures of any kind.

Form:                                   Powder

Quality :                                  Pure, fit for human consumption

Aroma :                            Penetrating, aromatic

Taste :                             Hot, biting and pungent

Origin:                                   Batangas, Philippines

Packing:                                   25 kg. Kraft bag or as required

Supply ability:                       10 tons / month

Storage:                                    Store in a cool, dry place

Shelf Life:                                 12 months from manufacturing date

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