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By: Catalyst Business Research Solutions  05/13/2009
Keywords: Business research, beackgorund investigation


Research and Investigative Company

We don’t just promise, We deliver.


We are licensed private investigators specializing in findingpeople and assests, quickly and cost effectively. We have access to data,sources and other specialists that allow us to get you accurate results fastand affordably.

Catalyst Business Research performs thorough investigationsand verification and has access to numerous public records and archives onbusinesses in government agencies such as:

  • Social Security System
  • Government Services and Insurance System
  • Municipal/City Assessor’s Office
  • Credit Management Association of the Philippines
  • National Bureau of Investigation
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue
  • Real/Chattel Property Registry

Catalyst Business Research is here to help you findassets, even hidden ones including real and personal property, vehicles,employment, bank accounts, business ownership to more and give you theinformation need to collect on that judgment/credit.


Our clientele includes collection agencies, debt collectors,asset recovery specialists, attorneys and individuals seeking to collectjudgments or debts against individuals and businesses.


YOU: You have a civil judgment from a law suit or arethinking of filing a civil law suit but are unsure if the defendant is solvent.

US: We will locate assets and give you the informationyou need for judgment collection or asset recovery, so you do not have to wastemoney on unreliable sources of information. We are the choice for those whoneed to know the truth before they waste valuable time and money chasing anuncollectible debtor.

DEBTOR: The judgment-debtor has no bank account, automobile, or other assetin his/her name, so there is seemingly nothing to attach to collect thejudgment.

US: We will find ways to reach the judgment-debtor’s assets and income. Wewill pierce corporate veil and work our way to reveal hidden assets andaccounts and to shed light on the personal as well as real attachableproperties of the debtor and his/her spouse.

We will look deeply into the records, conduct surveillance and profiling topierce corporate veil.

We will check bank accounts, conduct credit check and investigation to revealall both the conjugal and separate assets of the judgment-debtor and his/herspouse.

For inquires as to prices and services email us at [email protected] or call (02)510-4463

Keywords: beackgorund investigation, Business research,

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