Machine Shop or Metalworking Fluids

Machine Shop or Metalworking Fluids from AeonChem Ventures

By: AeonChem Ventures  11/25/2013
Keywords: Metal Fabrication, MACHINE SHOP, steel fabrication

Biokool is a versatile product suitable for lubricating and cooling a wide range of metal cutting and grinding operations. It has outstanding emulsion stability, corrosion inhibiting properties, and readily mixes with water. Econokool is a cost effective water soluble cutting oil that is suitable for lubricating and cooling a wide range of metal cutting and grinding operations. It readily mixes with water. Econokool affords efficient and economical cooling and lubrication. Kordis is a low foaming, long sump life emulsifiable coolant developed for roll forming machines. Kordis afford efficient and economic cooling and lubrication. It provides excellent rust protection to both tools and metal parts of the machine. Form lube is a concentrated water soluble concrete release agent suitable for use with wooden or metal mould/cast/formwork. It is formulated to prevent the adhesion of the mould/cast/formwork to facilitate the removal of the concrete or brick. Powerkleen is an emulsifiable solvent cleaner. It is compounded to produce relatively course emulsion with large solvent droplets to remove oil deposits from cutting, forming, machining, and grinding operations: residue from quenching; shop dirt and hips. It does not attack non-ferrous metals. Is versatile in cleaning parts, works, and garage spilled oils. Axxion MP is a multi-purpose liquid detergent cleaner and degreaser. It is a high foaming concentrated cleaner recommended for cleaning dirty floors and equipment. It can be used on all metals and surface. Rejuvinator is a multi-spectrum anti-bacterial and anti-funji tank side additive, that is effective against microorganisms that degrade and foul metalworking fluids. It prevents fungal growth on the inside walls of diluted metalworking fluid storage tanks.It is completely soluble in water.

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