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Keywords: anay and pest control

TERMITE ABATEMENT MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (TAMP) MAPECON TAMP. If your structure is termite-infested, nothing beats regular check-ups for termites. During the monthly or quarterly visits, our licensed technicians will inspect all crevices, surfaces, corners, and places conducive to termite attack. The technicians will treat signs of infestation by dusting or trophallaxis method, wood injection, residual spraying or other techniques using MAPECON F3 powder and/or F3D IGR when needed. Regular TAMP inspections and treatments minimize the possibility of an infestation by dry and damp wood termites as well as by subterranean termites. SOIL TREATMENT MAPECON SOIL TREATMENT. To prevent subterranean termites from damaging your home or building, we treat the soil around by cordoning, trenching or injection methods using MAPECON’s effective F3D Insect Growth Regulator. F3D IGR contains not only time-tested persistent termicides but also MAPECON’s patented household IGR concentrate (Pat. 16556) and organic lignin material (pat. 13155), which long-lastingly bonds the F3D IGR with the soil creating an uninhabitable environment for subterranean termites. GENERAL PEST ABATEMENT MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (GPAMP) MAPECON GPAMP is designed for the control of cockroaches, mosquitoes, bugs, flies and other flying and crawling insects that transmit more than 35 communicable diseases to man. The treatment is done by spraying, misting, or brushing. This type of service is guaranteed to control the general infestation on the spot with a long residual effect. RAT ABATEMENT MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (RAMP) MAPECON RAMP covers the control of all species of rodents by the use of exclusive patented mechanical devices or by the installation of slow or fast acting chemical raticides or a combination of both. BUKBOK ABATEMENT MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (BAMP) MAPECON BAMP. Wood-boring beetles or“bukbok” make pinholes in your walls, ceilings, etc. Although much smaller than termites, these pests are much harder to control. We do BAMP in two steps: 1) we spray the infested area; and 2) We inject every pinhole with F3D IGR (in kerosene or water) to control the infestation. "AND OTHER PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS ..."

Keywords: anay and pest control

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