Revitalized Purified Drinking Water

Revitalized Purified Drinking Water from People Water Station

By: People Water Station  01/25/2012
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At People Water Station, we believe that the kind of water that we drink makes a difference in our lives. Among the innovations of People Water Station is that we produce and deliver Revitalized Drinking Water an entirely different kind of drinking water that gives us more balance, alertness, and energy. The reason why we revitalize the treated water is to restructure the water molecules to regain its original natural spring water quality. The revitalization process produces over 40.000 curative energy frequencies of bio resonance. Result: effective and improved conditions in the human body as much as in animals and plants. Don’t be misled about what you may hear in the media about purified water. Purified and filtered water is the most sold water in the Philippines. Municipal “tap” or deep well water that has been filtered to remove particles or “impurities” does not make it suitable for drinking because contaminants such as bacteria, pesticides and pharmaceuticals are not removed. As a result, Revitalized Drinking Water is the best alternative to any kind of drinking water and is the basis of all or drinking water products. “Water is life, but only living water lives.” - Goethe

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