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By: Digital Practice   11/21/2011
Keywords: Marketing, Architectural, 3D Visualization

 3D Visualization Services

3D Visualization is the process of turning plans and sketches into photo-perfect 3D images which aids in the pre-visualization of developments. In contrast to 2D computer graphics, 3D Computer graphics use a three-dimensional representation of geometric data that is stored in the computer for the purposes of performing calculations and rendering 2D images. It involves 3D modeling which describes the process of forming the shape of an object; layout and animation which describes the motion and placement of objects within a scene; and 3D rendering which produces an image of an object.

DP can provide clients with realistic solutions to 3D visualization needs. We create unique, visually advanced 3D renderings with incomparable creativeness and ability.

Client must send DP uploaded information about the project.

Required Project Specifications: Images and video formats Exact number of images Image resolutions Duration (in seconds) of the final Animation / Video Camera angles Reference Files/Information:

General views of the project and the building structural design
Building area Elevations and Sections Interior furnishing and exterior finishing details
Building location maps (exact location must be specified and the correct address must also be indicated). In the absence of the location map, complete location details and description must be provided otherwise

DP can handle this just to ensure an accurate output. In the latter case however, DP will not be responsible for any delay in the estimated deadline this may cause. Reference photos Other pertinent details and specifications of the project

DP will submit its budget and project period proposal within 24 hours upon the receipt of uploaded Project Specification and Reference Files/Information from the client.

The proposal will be based on the project requirements, and the specific needs of the client. Please note that the budget is exclusive of added taxes. If DP receives only the partial information regarding the project, DP will send an estimated budget and will request for the complete information in order that an accurate and final budget be had.

Once the project is confirmed, an acceptance form will be made. The acceptance form will serve as an AP representing the whole agreement with the client – the project itself, the final price, and the deadline.

Keywords: 3D Visualization, Architectural, Marketing