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Brass Turned Parts from 1 Energy Meter Terminals, 1 Energy Meter Screws

By: 1 Energy Meter Terminals, 1 Energy Meter Screws  01/09/2010
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Brass Turned Parts Quality turned parts and machined components in Brass, steel, Stainless Steel turned parts Copper, aluminum and nylon. Available in various finishes such as polishing, stove lacquering and most types of plating.We produce a variety of Brass turned Parts Stainless Steel turned parts - products and components including sub-assemblies on a range of machinery, utilising the latest technology Traub CNC multi-slide lathes, swiss autos and rotary table machines, ensuring the capability of both the machine and the operator.

We offer Brass turned parts Stainless Steel turned parts metal turned part for following applications-

    * Automotive Accessories
    * Architectural Hardware
    * Bathroom Equipment
    * Bicycle Components & Fittings
    * Electrical Applications
    * Furniture Fittings
    * Control Systems
    * Electrical Appliances
    * SwitchGear & FuseGear
    * Lighting Systems & Equipment
    * Mechanical & Electrical Toys
    * Valves & Water Fittings
    * Central Heating Applications

Finish of Brass Turned Parts :
• Our Precision Brass Turned parts and Turned components are finished in natural Brass. They are also Nickel plated, chromium plated and electro tin finished and SS plated on the requirement of the customer.

Keywords: Brass, Brass Parts, Brass turned parts, Turned Parts

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