Automotive Electronic Diagnostic and Repairs

Automotive Electronic Diagnostic and Repairs from TRONIX Auto Repair

By: TRONIX Auto Repair  10/06/2011
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Today’s automobiles are equipped with Engine Control Module (ECM / Computer Box) to
operate vital engine related components through Electronic Sensors and Actuators.

Incorporated in this computer box is an On-Board Diagnostic system which continuously
monitors these electronic sensors and actuators.
Whenever a malfunction is detected, the OBD system activates the
“Malfunction Indicator Lamp” (MIL) on the instrument panel to alert the driver or operator that a
malfunction has occured and at the same time saves an error code “Diagnostic Trouble Code”
(DTC) into its internal memory.

These DTC’s can later be extracted or read from the OBD’s memory using an appropriate
SCAN TOOL to assist technicians in determining the most likely cause of malfunction. 

An Automotive Electronic Scope/Analyzer is also used to further CONFIRM/PINPOINT the suspected malfunctioning electronic parts.

Keywords: Auto Repair, Automitive Electronics, Automotive Repair Shops,