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By: VMobile Toril, Lxjus Loading Station  12/04/2010
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Where Should You Avail This Electronic Prepaid Loading Business?

We recommend only on getting your Loading Dealership from VMobile LoadXtreme and the following are the reasons:

1. Because you can sell all kinds of prepaid products that you can think of, like:

a. Prepaid Cellphone Cards and Auto/E-Loads (Globe, TM, Smart, Sun, TNT, Red)
b. Prepaid Internet Loads (Blast, ISP Bonanza, etc.)
c. Prepaid Landline Loads (Bayantel, Globelines, PLDT, etc.)
d. Prepaid Broadband Loads (Smart Bro, Globe Tatoo, Sun Broadband)
e. Online Gaming Cards (Amped Games, Garena, Level Up Games, Mobius Online, etc.)
f. Prepaid Satellite/Cable TV Loads (ABS-CBN TFC, Dream Satellite, Sky Cable)
g. Prepaid Tutorial/Review Cards (Carl Balita, Englishlink, Prime Logic, etc.)
h. Cakes and Flowers thru LBC
i. And More than 300 products and still counting!!!

2. No need for physical inventory cause VMobile LoadXtreme has a system that helps you do automatic inventory online so this website list all your transactions

3. Very small capital to start and fast R.O.I.

4. We are very much willing to assist you within our capacity in this loading business.

5. Can be a means to have your extra income without sacrificing your current job.

6. We have our own Data Center — this means that we are capable of making transactions faster
and more efficient.

7. With your Existing Sim, you can start right away for all your prepaid needs.

8. Earn up to 12% discount on load if your a Retailer.

9. Earn up to 14% discount on load if you are Dealer.

10. And an opportunity that only VMobile LoadXtrem can offer: AXS Card – no hassle on riding the MRT!!!

Unique Features of VMobile LoadXtreme

1. Multi-Access – If are registered as a Retailer or Dealer, you can sell more than 300 kinds of prepaid load like Smart, TalkNText, Globe, TM, Sun, Red Mobile etc.
2. Multi-User – In one family is registered as Dealer or Retailer, any member of the family can sell any account of VMobile LoadXtreme product either nationwide or worldwide using cellphone or internet.
3. Not SIM Dependent – You can use any cellphone or sim as long us have memorize your ID no. PIK and the commands how to load. Even though you did not bring your cellphone your business will still be on going.

Advantages of VMobile LoadXtreme

1. Comfortability – You can load yourself anytime and anywhere, no need to go to the Store to buy a Load.
2. Savings – You can save up to 12-14% of cellphone load consumption and various products.
3. Security – In case of loss of Phone or SIM, your money in the load wallet is still safe in the LoadXtreme Sytem.
4. Accessibility – You can use OTHER cellphone or SIM to access your LoadXtreme Account.
5. All Access Prepaid – You can access Smart, TalkNTxt, Globe, Touch Mobile, Sun, Red Mobile, Internet Cards, Online Games, PLDT, LBC Flowers and more! You can LOAD and SELL to ALL NETWORKS!
6. Internet Based – You can Load, Reload and Transfer Load thru the Loadxtreme website. Monitor all the IN and OUTS of your Load wallet.
7. Family Budget Friendly – Share your Account and PIK to your love ones so they can also use it thru their cellphone anytime and anywhere. You can also monitor your in and outs usage by simply log in the LoadXtreme website.
8. One Loadwallet – that you can use for almost 300 e-load and prepaid products anytime, anywhere.

What is the Difference Between VMobile LoadXtreme with Traditional Loading?

Traditional Loading: You need a minimum of 8,250 to become a RETAILER.
VMobile LoadXtreme: You just need 3,988, and you are already a DEALER!

Traditional Loading: You need 3 cellphones and 3 special SIM cards in order to sell Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular load only.
VMobile LoadXtreme: You only need 1 cellphone and 1 SIM card in order for you to sell 300+ prepaid load products, cakes, and flowers.

Traditional Loading: 1 loadwallet per network.
VMobile LoadXtreme: 1 loadwallet for ALL!

In the first year of Business Operation of VMobile LoadXtreme, there are already Dealers that is earning more than Php 100,000 per month. Even if you are an employee, self-employed, housewife, Student or an ordinary person, you can do the business and VMobile LoadXtreme can help you succeed.

With this, VMobile Technologies, Inc. introduces the “Fast Track Package” to all new applicants for Dealership.

This was formed to cater all the Filipinos who are interested to be part of our Dealership program with limited resources.

With The “ Fast Track Package” you can start your own Loading Business and enjoy the facility of VMOBILE Technologies Inc for P3,988.00 only.

What’s Inside the Fast Track Package?

2. 2 LOAD NA DITO Tarpaulin
3. 3 Smart Buddy Sim Packs
4. 20 Pricelist
5. 20 Quick Guides
6. 20 RETAILER CARDS (Worth Php 300/each)
7. 15 RAP Brochures
8. 1 LoadXtreme Purple/Green Bag
9. With 3 FREE Website Account

a. http://www.loadxtrem

Keywords: e-loading, Internet Marketing, Phone Business,

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