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By: Web Marketing Quote  06/07/2013
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WEB MARKETING QUOTE INTERNET MARKETING SERVICES MARKET RESEARCH This includes finding terms which are used by potential buyers on the search engines and the top social media networks. The main objective of this process is to generate target search terms to be optimized within the website. The process involves keywords research, trends monitoring, and mining social media terms related to the product. ONPAGE SEO After target search terms are determined, the next step is to optimize them within the website. It is necessary establish legitimacy of business by adding accurate business location, contact details, and general information. A products page with corresponding specifications per product will also be needed. To optimize each of these target search terms, a website blog will be installed to promote one search term at a time. 1. META TAGS Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into the header on a web page, just after the title tag. In the context of search engine optimization, when people refer to meta tags, they are usually referring to the meta description tag and the meta keywords tag. The meta description tag and the meta keywords tag aren’t seen by users. Instead, these tags main purpose is providing meta document data to user agents — the search engines. It is highly advisable to modify the meta tags of most of the site pages to achieve better relevancy of the site with respect to the target keywords. The following tags should be optimized to contain any of the target keywords: 1. Title Tag 2. Meta Description Tag 3. Meta Keywords tag 4. Alt-Tags for Images LOCAL CITATIONS Local citation is one way to enlist the businesses on directory sites. Here buyers can determine an accurate business location and leave reviews. One important aspect of local citation is creating a Google Places profile for the Business. Whenever possible, other local citations will be linked to the Google Local page. PR POSTING Press releases are a great way to announce any updates about the business. It can both improve website relevance to target search terms and promote the business in a particular geographic location. BLOG POSTING Blog posting is meant to optimize a particular target search term. Its purpose is to improve relevance and authority with respect to target search terms. Blogs are also considered as great resources for interested buyers to find updates and useful information related to the product of the business. PRODUCT CATALOG Image presentation of the products can help potential buyers choose the exact item or service they need. If accompanied with technical information and specification, a product catalog can turn into infographics. This can then be used in all means of promotion online. PROMOTIONAL VIDEO One avenue so that target buyers can get to know the products better is through promotional videos. Videos are being indexed and ranked on top of search engine results pages as a way to diversify content information relating to a particular search term. SOCIAL NETWORKING A great tool to reach out to potential buyers is through social networking. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer ways to get in contact with your potential buyers. Before creating any social media pages and profiles, our team will guarantee a solid network has already been established. This is where the business and its products will be promoted. SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING Social media empowers businesses to introduce products, broadcast updates, and promote the product or service to social media users. It is also an efficient tool in maximizing brand awareness and business exposure. BLOG COMMENTING To give credit to our keyword-optimized pages, we need to relate our content to other associated contents circulating on the internet. Blog commenting is one way to make certain businesses products are discovered by target buyers and interested individuals. It will both improve the relevance and authority of website pages with respect to target search terms. FORUM POSTING Forum posting serves the same way as blog commenting. This time, however, it is more specific because of the discussion threads on related forum sites. Forum sites serve as discussion portal for interested buyers and marketers, this makes it the perfect place to build a good online presence. EMAIL MARKETING There are still so many reasons why email marketing is still relevant as an internet marketing strategy. It can help you establish trust with your target market. Email marketing proves to have higher conversion rate. It is also one effective tool to catch the attention of your target market. WEBSITE MARKETING AUDITS After keywords are optimized and promoted, we need to benchmark how effective the strategy is. Analyzing traffic behavior, generate ranking, and measuring the reach of the promotion campaign are key index in determining the direction of the next campaign cycle. It is also necessary to evaluate the ROI per campaign cycle.

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