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By: silipump-ph  03/22/2011
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CYZ marine oil pump.
Capacity range: 4 to 500 m3/hHead range: 12 to 75 mFlange size range: 25 to 300 mmPower range: 0.75 to 110 kwVoltage: 440V, 380V or othersFreqency: 50HZ or 60HZMaterial: Cast iron, stainless steel, bronzeClassification society:CCS, ABS, BV and so on   CYZ marine self-priming centrifugal oil pump are widely used on board ship for oil delivery, or as the cargo stripping pump. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, smooth service, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long service life and strong self-priming ability.  The liquid temperature is between -20 to 80 degree and viscosity < 100 centipoises, and solid content below 30%.It is used the mechanical seal for the pump, and a explosion-proof motor is used. No need bottom valve in suction pipeline  CYZ marine centrifugal oil pump structure  1. The pump, with a horizontal suspension arm, is a single-stage, one-way suction, axial entry, and self-sucking one. The structure of the pump body is of mixed flow type. The pump body is composed of a suction bend, a casing, an air-liquid separating cavity and a liquid storage chamber. At the bottom of the snail casing there is all axial return flow opening.  2. Inside the rear pump cover there is a sealed cavity, in which seal is fitted. The weight of the pump shaft and the impeller, together with the radial force created by the impeller is supported by the two centripetal bearings in the bracket. To convey torque, an elastic coupling joint is installed to connect the pump and the motor.  3. In some pump, a cooling chamber can be mounted on the bottom of the bearing body. When the bearing heats up temp exceeding 70 degree, the coolant can be injected through any coolant pipe of the cooling chamber for the circulating cooling

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Keywords: marine centrifugal pump, marine oil pump,