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By: Cable Glands Philippines Copper Cable lugs Brass Fasteners Turned Parts Pipe Fitttings  08/26/2008
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We have range of fitting products made of brass,copper,aluminum, stainless steel like ppr inserts, cpcv fittings parts, plumbing fitting parts, fasteners, cable accessories, building material, building hardware fittings and earthing accessories.Below is the range of Products Manufactured in our India Factory. and products we are interested to sell to our Philippines customers from our worldwide sales network Brass Nuts Brass Bolts Fasteners High Tensile Fasteners Brass Anchors casting foundries non ferrous metal foundry foundries die casting Brass Bolts Nuts Bolts Brass Nuts Brass Fasteners Brass Inserts Molding inserts Brass Copper Stainless Panel Nuts Jam Nuts Lock Nuts Locking Nuts Brass Molding Brass Inserts Brass Expansion Anchors Anchor Fasteners Door Wedge Anchors Brass Machine Screws Brass Screws Brass Slotted Anchors Concrete Anchors Anchor fasteners Brass Wood Screws Brass Spacers Brass Standoffs Brass Square Nuts Square head Bolts Screw fasteners Brass Parts Brass Fittings Brass Components Plumbing Fittings Stainless casting foundries non ferrous metal foundry foundries die casting Brass Stainless Flanged Back Nuts Fixings Dome Nuts Fixings Brass Dome Nuts Brass Stainless Steel Lock Nuts Panel Jam Check Nuts Metric Fasteners Metric Fittings Brass Stainless Steel Slotted Grub Screws Chicago Screws Brass Stainless Steel Socket cap Screws Bolts Nuts Industrial fasteners India DIN 933 DIN 934 Threaded Fasteners Brass Stainless Brass Inserts Brass Molding Inserts Brass Hex Set Screws Brass Wood Screws Brass Hex Nuts Brass Round Head Screws Brass Eye Bolts Brass Cheese Head Screws Brass Cap Acorn Dome Nuts Brass Pan Head Screws Brass Studs Threaded Rods All threads Brass CSK Head Screws Brass Grub Screws Brass Raised CSK Head Screws Brass Wing Nuts Brass Square Nuts Brass Spacers Brass Pillars Brass Books Screws Chicago Screws BSP / NPT Threaded Brass Inserts Straight Knurled Brass Inserts Self Tapping Brass Inserts Cross Knurled Brass Inserts Press Lock type Brass Inserts Brass Screws Brass Fasteners Brass Screws Brass Nuts washers s.s. brass stainless steel copper red vulcanised fibre washers hose couplings union coupler adapters Din 126 Copper Lightning lightening Protection products accessories Brass Screws Brass Fasteners Brass Nuts Phillips Head Screws Combination Head Cross Head Screws Brass Fasteners Brass Fasteners

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