Commercial and Residential in a DUO by RCLA MARU ARCHITECTS

Commercial and Residential in a DUO by RCLA MARU ARCHITECTS from RCLA MARU ARCHITECTS CO.

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I had seen the Design and Construction Project done by RCLA MARU ARCHITECTS CO. in Calapan City , Oriental Mindoro for Sanitary Care Product Asia Inc. (SCPA) It was a RESIDENTIAL and WAREHOUSE very much custom-designed to fit the concept of SCPA. It is a reflective of a company's concern for a Green Environment. The Residential shows planters on horizontal ledges screening the vision with "green" while incorporating natural light and fresh air to the interior. It is a truly a fine dining experience in a home away from home for the employees and owner of the company. I was fascinated with that " round " opening on the wall of that dining area, later i know when i peep on it, it is like a telescope catching sunset views on the Mindoro afternoon sky. The owner said - it shows the Logo of the company. It was not just an ordinary Residence, it was a condo-type living offered by the rooms designed with its own Toilet and Bath and Kitchenette to accommodate independent living for SCPA employee group excursions or team building since the Mindoro Branch of SCPA is in a tourist destination. It may serve as a vacation accommodation for the company’s employees from Metro Manila. A good space for Laundry and Drying ledge were provided on the second floor while an easy-to-maintain garden at the ground floor offers a nice sitting area. The bedroom windows has mini-balcony ledges extended provided with tubular barriers that accents the facade while a door-window opening was done with a sliding glass in aluminum frame exposing the wide vision of the area. Truly, when you are inside the residence, you will not feel there is a Warehouse adjacent to it. The big warehouse painted with off-white and green looks like not a warehouse in its industrial/commercial category. It was designed to harmonize with the residential. The warehouse was provided with soft and lightweight sliding door that looks sturdy and heavy yet it is light and strong. Where in a warehouse interior you can see uniformity of baseboard painted walls and ambience in the office which is located inside the warehouse. Such office is provided with Pantry area and a hotel standard Comfort Room. the concept of Concrete Ventilation Blocks with Glass Blocks function as air and light ventilations. Its transparency is magical when seen from inside the warehouse. The whole compound is laced with beautifully designed fence with lightings on every post that creates a brightly lighted spot of this " jewel "in the Village. The previously, swampy area in that corner of Sta. Maria and Pachoca Village, Calapan City is now a Residential/Commercial Area done in a nice concept embracing its Green Design and Social Responsibility to the Community and the Industry as a whole. Bravo! RCLA MARU ARCHITECTS CO. !

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