Glass and Aluminum Bathroom Enclosure

Glass and Aluminum Bathroom Enclosure from CONGRUENT GLASS AND ALUMINUM

Keywords: Glass, Aluminum

This is a bathroom enclosure with fix side and top panels and a swing door. The glass is a 12mm (1/2 inch) thick tempered glass with clear bamboo design over a frosted background. The aluminum frames were powder-coated to the color specified by the owner. It was custom-built and installed at the retirement house of a Filipino couple now residing in the United States and about to retire in the Philippines this year.
In this particular project,  the owner chose the design from our compilations. Prospective clients can opt to provide their own designs for our artist to develop.
We also install sliding type enclosures using readily available acrylic panels of various designs. We also supply frameless type models of bathroom enclosures at prices lower than what are available at home depots within the Metro Manila areas.

Keywords: Aluminum, Glass