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Planning your Website from Napsate Web Development and Design

By: Napsate Web Development and Design  01/07/2009
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Although you can commission much of your website's development, its success still greatly depends on you. Answering the following questions will help you and your designer come up with a website that will fulfill its intended use. Why do you want a website? What is its purpose? Who are the intended audience? After these questions have been answered, you can now identify what information and images are necessary . The web designer's job usually does not include generating these content. But if you already have existing company brochures or write-ups, they can be reused for your website. After you've identified and generated the content you want to place in the site, you should organize them such that each piece of information or content will be contained in a specific page. For this part, the experience of your web designer in organizing content will be significant. They can provide suggestions and even ask you to remove/add some contents (of course with your approval). Now that the details of the content are planned, its time to plan what your site will look like. If you already have a site look in mind, inform your designer. If not, which is most often the case, try looking at other sites and take note which of them you like and specific aspects that is appealing to you. Taking note of things that you don't like will also aid your designer in conceptualizing the design of your site. Essentially, planning your website is an activity to determine what you want. This will help your designer make informed decisions with regards to the look and organization you want in your website.

Keywords: Design, internet development, Website Development

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