Learn How To Make Money in Philippine Stock Market - Stock Trading Made Easy

Learn How To Make Money in Philippine Stock Market - Stock Trading Made Easy from PinoyGadgets - RENT Two-Way Radio Manila, Philippines

By: PinoyGadgets - RENT Two-Way Radio Manila, Philippines  03/23/2012
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You Could Invest as low as - Php 5,000 /

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Learn How to EARN 8%-9% Interest in your Stock Investment Guaranteed!

Why Invest in Philippine ?

1. Make Money by Capital Gains

Note: Not all stocks will give you such huge return and we are not recommending you to buy those stocks listed above. We just used those stocks to present to you the potential earnings that you will get in investing in . The value stated above are the actual value of the stock as of the date the data was taken.

2. Cash Dividend

Earn passive income from dividend paying stocks. Earn CASH Annually, Quarterly, Semi-annual.

3. Stock Dividend

Get FREE money from stock dividend paying companies. E.g. if you own 5,000 shares of XYZ company and XYZ company will give away 30% stock dividend then you will get FREE 1,500 stocks/shares based on your 5,000 shares. If XYZ shares is worth 10 pesos per share then you will get 15,000 pesos worth of stocks/shares -  FREE money for you when you sell the stock dividend that you received!

4. is the most Profitable place to Invest your Money compared to BONDS / T-BILLS / Money Market Funds / Mutual Funds

5. What is Better BUY a Franchise like food cart or Invest your money in Stock Market? - Our answer is its better to Invest your money in . Why?

* No Overhead expenses

* No Business Registration Expenses

* You don't need to Hire employees

* Plus the headaches of Low Return income franchises (food carts etc...)

 * Return on Investment on is MUCH Faster than a Franchise - When you buy a franchise you pay the franchise fee, royalty fee, plus a lot of start-up expenses for a very small franchise (50k to 300k), Realistic Return on Investment for a Franchise is 1 Year to 2 Years plus realistic return on a Franchise minus the expenses is 10% to 15%? too small considering the efforts and headaches that you will go through.

* Make Your Money Work For You

ALL Rich People Know's how to Invest in

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