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By: Genie Technologies, Inc.   02/14/2012
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Product Overview


Supply chain to customer-driven value chain

The classic demand chain begins with the customer and extends from the point of sale back to the retailer’s distribution center, whereas the classic supply chain begins with the raw material suppliers and extends down through the distribution network. With increased competition resulting from globalization and new business models, the movement toward a holistic perspective of the entire supply and demand chain is converging into what we call the “customer-driven value chain.”

JDA has solidified a unique market position, in that only JDA can offer a complete supply and demand chain industry-specialized suite with the depth and breadth of capabilities necessary for enabling the customer-driven value chain. It starts with one view of demand, which begins with insight into the customer buying behaviors that drive each plan within an enterprise and across the extended value chain, synchronizing decisions by all stakeholders from manufacturing through distribution to the retail shelf.

JDA Merchandise Management System-I

Challenge: Improving Operational Performance and Optimizing Inventory Investment for Multi-Channel Retailers


In retail, there is one constant you can count on, and that’s change. Competitors emerge, chains consolidate, regulations evolve and economies fluctuate – while consumer expectations continue to grow. For success in this dynamic environment, retailers must adapt to evolving consumer demands, leverage growth opportunities and stay connected to core customers. Achieving peak performance requires a merchandise management solution that fosters strategic thinking and flawless execution. Retailers need a proven, cost-effective and integrated system that adapts to changes across sales channels, provides visibility into inventory position and empowers their teams to act fast on market shifts and corporate initiatives.


Solution: Merchandise Management System-I

JDA Software enables operational excellence with world-class Merchandise Management System-I (MMS®). Based on over 20 years of merchandising best practices, MMS is the world’s leading host transaction solution for the IBM iSeries environment. More than 360 retailers in 60 countries rely on MMS to drive sales, margins and cash flow by getting the right products at the right price to the right place at the right time. MMS’ scalable architecture enables a speed-to-value implementation while ensuring data integrity and streamlined business management.


All Retailing

  • Scales to process millions of transactions per hour and enables a modular implementation for prioritized capabilities
  • Facilitates exception management linked to key performance indicators
  • Supports push/pull replenishment and perpetual inventory by user-defined units of measure


Softlines Retailing

  • Manages purchasing and enables buyers to optimize open-to-buy while streamlining allocations and markdowns
  • Features user-defined attributes at product hierarchy or style level
  • Supports ordering off of a style grid or by style pre-packs


Financial Management

  • Supports retail and cost methods of accounting and delivers accurate and completely auditable financial control
  • Automatically interfaces inventory to GL to produce journal entries from merchandise transactions


Warehouse Management

  • Plans, manages and tracks merchandise storage and flow across warehouses and distribution centers
  • Supports paper- or real-time radio frequency-based communications
  • Supports vendor-to-store, DC-to-store, flow-through and cross-dock distribution


International Retailing

  • Supports multiple concurrent languages, universal standards and local requirements
  • Handles currency-specific transactions taxation

Keywords: Computer Software, It Solutions, retail management

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