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By: Genie Technologies, Inc.   02/14/2012
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Product Overview


Retail Pro provides retail software for point of sale and retail management that helps retailers around the world operate more effectively, with a greater return on their technology investment. Widely known for its impressive scalability and adaptability, the Retail Pro retail software suite consists of Point of Sale, Store Operations, Merchandising, Inventory Control, Payment Solutions, Business Intelligence and the list goes on.   


A Total Retail Management System

As simple as you want. As sophisticated as you need.


Welcome to Retail Pro® 9 – one of the most comprehensive retail management software solutions available.


Designed as a complete enterprise solution, Retail Pro 9 has it all. A feature rich front POS, Store Operations, Back Office applications, as well as in-depth Reporting and Analytics offer extremely powerful retail management tools, while also allowing for endless customization and tailoring. Incredibly easy to use and configure, our surprisingly affordable point of sale and merchandising solutions remain unparalleled the world over.


Architected with flexibility in mind, Retail Pro 9 is scalable without limits, allowing our system to adapt to your business, wherever it may take you. From savvy, growth oriented businesses to prestigious multinational enterprises, our proven expertise and reliability has impressed even the most demanding brands. For more than 20 years, Retail Pro has grown alongside retailers thriving in economies throughout the world.

Software Infrastructure
Retail Pro is designed and built using a superior architecture that delivers exceptional flexibility, maximum performance and unlimited scalability.


All Modules Necessary for Store Operations in One System

  • Integrate all your key Store Operations – Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, Receiving, Transfers, Customer Management, and Employee Management – in one product.
  • Navigate seamlessly between components, with no need to back in/out of components or launch/exit other applications.
  • Manage all of your subsidiaries and stores, regardless of the currency, tax or language used.
  • Select any currency as your base currency and assign as many exchange rates as needed for each foreign currency, and the date the rate takes effect.
  • Assign a currency to items and vendors to facilitate orders of foreign items.
  • Import/Export Translation Files in XML Format. This enables a translator to translate Retail Pro using programs such as Notepad or Excel.
  • Oracle relational database scales virtually without limit as your business grows.
  • Open design for easy integration with legacy systems to maximize existing resources.
  • For example, Employee Payroll, Retail Merchandising, ERP, or CRM.
  • Low administration and easy installation takes the burden off your IT staff. Built-in Technician’s toolkit provides easy access to a variety of tools for maintaining the database (tuning, re-indexing, performing backup/recovery, rebuilding control and password files, adding data files, and checking/compiling schema).
  • Supports SQL (Structured Query Language) and XML (extensible Markup Language), which provide access to standard development platforms for any custom development.
  • Exchange data between stores/stations at any time without disrupting store operations.
  • Specify the types of data to exchange, and designate which station controls inventory.
  • ECM encodes data to XML (extensible Markup Language) in a compressed format, and then securely transmits the data by whatever device (Internet, modem, disk, etc.) you select. At the target station, the data is decompressed and decoded.
  • Exchange data with a variety of systems, including CRM, ERP, and Payroll.

Keywords: Computer Software, Inventory Management, It Solutions, point of sale, retail management

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