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By: J'MAR Printing Company  03/29/2014
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SERVICES OFFERED Note: Prices may vary per project. • Offset Printing Also referred to as Offset Lithography, Offset Printing is the most common form of printing process used by large, commercial printers, and is technology that makes most books, magazines, and catalogs. It is called offset because the ink is not directly pressed on the paper, rather it is distributed from a metal plate to a rubber mat where it is then set on the paper. • Perfect Binding A method of book binding that is used for less-expensive books and manuals that do not require stitching or sewing. Instead, a water-resistant adhesive is used to hold the pages in place by attaching them to the cover of the document. • Smythe Sewing A process where thread is sewn through the middle of a folded “signature” or section of a folded paper, where each section is sewn and glued together in one continuous book block. This type of sewing allows the book to lay open flat easier. • Machine Stitching Often used for binding or sewing less expensive, few-paged books and manuals. • Machine Folding This service requires the utilization of a folding machine that will be used to fold thick, large-scale papers. • Paper Bag Manufacturing and Assembly This includes the printing, fabrication, and assembly of paper bags according to the specs provided for by the client/s. • Layout Design A part of the Graphic Design Department of the Company. It deals with the arrangement of various elements on a page, which mostly applies to magazines, manuals, billboards, posters, journals, and catalogs. • Camera Works This service primarily focuses on digital photography. The artist takes photos of solid photos and texts in black and white and transfers them on a negative film for printing. • Color Separation The act of decomposing a colored, graphic photo into single-colored layers. It starts by creating three (3) grayscale images which represents the red, green, and blue (RGB) components of the original image. • Stripping Jobs A dying trade where film negatives are arranged in a pattern, which will then create a series of pages. • Bindery and Gathering Binding and gathering of unprinted, raw files nested together in a single unit. This is the first of the preparation stage in whatever form of binding is to be used.

Keywords: Commercial Printing, Graphic Design, Offset Printing, PRINTING PRESS, Printing Services

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