Customer Experience Measurement

By: SatisFIND  01/05/2011
Keywords: Mystery Shopping, Customer Experience Measurement, Online Customer Feedback

Customer Experience Measurement (CEM) is the practice of using trained individuals to anonymously evaluate customer service, operations, merchandising and product quality. CEM involves a deeper understanding of the customer’s psyche and the business environment where the actual customer experience takes place.
Data on service performance is likely to be more insightful compared to a customer satisfaction survey if the objective of the study is to evaluate compliance with standards. If the average customer is not observant enough or keen on the service standards expected of the establishment, the customer may overlook these details and not paint a clear picture of the business’ service performance. A CEM study is a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, and compared to other market research studies, CEM requires more involvement with the training and operations departments than the marketing or advertising departments of companies.

Keywords: Customer Experience Measurement, Mystery Shopping, Online Customer Feedback, Secret Shopper,