GPS FOR TRACKING from Navtech Navigational Technology Inc.

By: Navtech Navigational Technology Inc.  10/25/2013
Keywords: Technical Support, It Solutions, Security Systems

What is NAVTECH GPS TRACER? • Create reports such as speed, start/stop or location for accounting purposes. • View historic trips and data for up to 3 months. • Define your own geographic zones to set alerts or for reports. • Use the built-in panic button for quick help. • Check sensors on doors, ignition, tank flap etc. • Remotely disable your vehicle. You can execute functions such as disabling, locking and other custom function from any point. • One-way communication”. Get to hear everything inside the vehicle without the driver’s knowledge. • USER-FRIENDLY interface. How can NAVTECH GPS TRACER help YOU? You gain enhanced security and efficiency when you are able to remotely monitor your vehicles 24/7. Thus, helping you: • Cut on gasoline consumption costs. • View and trace your vehicle or vehicle groups on a map. • Monitor driver effiency by detecting unauthorized activities and other irregularities not included in their responsibilities. • You have more peace of mind in emergency cases. • Letting you prevent major breakdowns thru vehicle status alerts by letting you check sensors on your vehicle e.g if doors are open, ignition on or others (optional). • Remotely lock and/or disable the vehicle in case of theft. • Review previous activities and data for up to 3 months. For inquiries call: Vanj E. Siaboc Navtech-Navigation Technology Inc. landline: 02-623-5161 moblie: 0917-862-8832 email: [email protected]

Keywords: Communication Equipment, Gps, It Solutions, Security Systems, Technical Support