By: Dr. Richard Joseph Cabotage  07/27/2010
Keywords: Health Care, Skin Care, Cosmetic Surgery

Brachioplasty, otherwise known as arm lift or arm tuck, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to remove redundant, flabby, and sagging skin folds of the upper arms.

With brachioplasty,  patients both men and women now have the opportunity to pursue a lifestyle that they're more comfortable with. oped upper arm flabbiness caused by the loss of elasticity complemented by aging or regular tanning. Fortunately, brachioplasty  can help a person regain regain the ability to wear blouses and shirts comfortably, to show theirs with greater confidence.

The operation starts with an incision along the arm. The location and length of the incision will change depending on the amount of skin to be removed, as well as the location of the excess skin flap. For extreme cases, the incision may extend from the armpit to the elbow to remove the maximum amount of skin. 

In case there's excess fat on the the arms, a patient has the option to combine brachioplasty with liposuction to achieve maximum results.  After suctioning fat and tightening the skin on the arm, the surgeon will remove the surplus skin of the upper arm and complete the lift by suturing the incision closed.

After the completion of the arm lift, the surgeon will apply bandage and give a prescription  for pain medication to ease the discomfort in the first few days after surgery.

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Keywords: Cosmetic Surgery, Health Care, Plastic Surgery, Skin Care