Complete Preventive Maintenance Chemicals

By: Redox Chemical Industries  08/21/2013
Keywords: Cleaning Chemicals, Food Grade Degreasers

Be our NATIONWIDE DEALER of INDUSTRIAL PREVENTIVE CHEMICALS Call Us NOW!!! Smart: 0908 8913256 Sun: 0932 8792925 Landline: (02) 475 3140 Look for: DonDON Request For Quotation and Avail BIG... BIG.... DISCOUNTS!!!! PRODUCT LIST AIR-CONDITIONING AND DESCALING PACKAGE: Aircon Coil Cleaner Aircon Filter Coat Aircon Renovator Descaler Descaling Neutralizer Self-Rinsing Coil Renovator Solvent Descaler MECHANICAL PACKAGE: Belt Dressing Pickling Bath Solution Rust Converter Rust Remover Straight Cutting Oil Coolant Water Soluble Cutting Oil Coolant Water Soluble Degreaser ELECTRICAL PACKAGE: Penetrating Oil Battery Terminal Protector Contact Cleaner Insulating Clear Varnish Insulating Red Varnish Moisture Displacer Solvent Degreaser (Fast Dry) Solvent Degreaser (Slow Dry) . SURFACE COATINGS AND DEOXIDANTS: Cold Galvanizing Compound Corrosion Preventive Coating Paint and Varnish Remover Rust Transformer Super Anti-Rust Metal Preservative E. SHIPPING & TRANSPORT Aluminum Body Truck Cleaner Carbon Remover Engine Air Cooler Cleaner Oil Spill Dispersant Radiator Cleaner Radiator Coolant Rubber Tire Cleaner Waterless Hand Cleaner HOUSEKEEPING PACKAGE: Air Freshener All Purpose Cleaner Brass & Copper Cleaner Car Shampoo Deodorizer Odor Exterminator Dishwashing Detergent Disinfectant and Deodorizer Drain Clog Remover Food Area Equipment Cleaner Garbage Deodorizer/Antiseptic Glass Cleaner Gum Remover Insecticide Liquid Hand Soap Liquid Wax Odor Counteractant Smoke Eater Stainless Steel Cleaner Termite Solution Tile and Grout Renovator Toilet Bowl Cleaner Vinyl Cleaner Wax Strip LUBRICATING OILS AND ADDITIVES PACKAGE: Air Compressor Oil Airline Lubricant Anti-Seize Compound Automatic Transmission Fluid Bunker Fuel Additive Calibrating Fluid Capella Oil Chain Wire Rope Chain, Pin & Cable Lubricant Chiller Oil Diesel Engine Oil Drawing Compound Release Agent Engine Oil Additive Flushing Oil Flushing Oil Additive Food Grade Oil Gasoline Engine Oil Gasoline Oil Additive Gear Oil Gear Oil Additive Gun Oil Heat Transfer Fluid (Thermal Oil) LUBRICATING OILS AND ADDITIVES PACKAGE: Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic Oil Additive Machine Oil & Slideway Lubricant Needle Oil Open Gear Printing Lubricant Quenching Oil Refrigeration Oil Silicone Oil Spindle Oil Tape Lubricant Tapping Compound Transformer Oil Turbine Oil Universal Maintenance Oil / All Purpose Lubricant Vacuum Pump Oil Vanishing Lubricant GREASES PACKAGE: Calcium Grease (Multi-purpose) Conductive Grease Contact Grease (Black) EP Red Grease Food Grade Grease Graphite Grease High Temperature Moly Grease High Temperature Red Grease Liquid Grease NLGI 1, 0, 00, 000 Lithium Grease Polyurea Grease Silicone Grease Wheel Bearing Grease WATER TREATMENT PACKAGE: Cooling System Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor (Cooling System) Algaecide 1 Algaecide 2 Silicate Dispersant Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor (Boiler Tube) Oxygen Scavenger Boiler System Closed System Corrosion Inhibitor (Closed System) Anti-Foulant for Closed System

Keywords: Cleaning Chemicals, Food Grade Degreasers

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Preventive Maintenance Chemicals

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