Elemi Manila Resin

Elemi Manila Resin from Kimella Suntraders Intl.

By: Kimella Suntraders Intl.  08/12/2011
Keywords: Gums Resins, Natural Gums Resins,

Canarium luzonicum, commonly known as elemi, is a tree native to the Philippines, and an oleoresin harvested from it.
Elemi resin is a pale yellow substance, of honey-like consistency. Aromatic elemi oil is steam distilled from the resin. It is a fragrant resin with a sharp pine and lemon-like scent. One of the resin components is called amyrin.Elemi resin is chiefly used commercially in varnishes and lacquers, and certain printing inks. It is used as a herbal medicine to treat bronchitis, catarrh, extreme coughing, mature skin, scars, stress, and wounds. The constituents include phellandrene, limonene, elemol, elemicin, terpineol, carvone, and terpinolene.

Keywords: Gums Resins, Natural Gums Resins,