Have a valid HTML pages for optimisation

Have a valid HTML pages for optimisation from MrGorilla Web Solutions

By: MrGorilla Web Solutions  01/31/2010
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We Enforce Valid HTML, XHTML For Our Webpages, What's In It For You?

Many tried to answer this, it's a very debateable topic-with sub topics ranging to pure web standards to web browsers to search engine optimisation.

But my question is, why not just fixed it?

No harm can be done, and supportig web standards will infact help redering your pages consistently to various platform.

I know Google do not care about this validator thing, but people there's more to web than just Google.

For example, a broken link will drive a visit or visitorS (with capital S) away and in the case of WYSINWOG "what you see is not what others get", it may look pretty to you but with bad HTML it may not for somebody else.

Face it! standards is the way to go, it will help you more than not.

This site has a strict valid HTML code .

for more information you may visit

To check your website for error in HTML to visit .

If you need help in validating, correcting your webpages please contact us, you may call/text +639237040600 / +63.2.3211440 or email us at [email protected] - MrGorilla.com

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