Blepharoplasty, Deep set, Eyelid fold, Eyebag Removal

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It is a surgical procedure that is performed to shape or modify the appearance of the eyelids. It may be performed purely to remove bagginess, fatty protrusions, and lax hanging skin around the eyes or to correct a “lazy” or blepharoptotic eyelid. Blepharoplasty also refers to the creation of lid creases on eyelids that have no visible infolding and a similar operation on eyelids with ill-defined or asymmetric folds. Traditionally, blepharoplasty denotes the remova of skin and perhaps a sliver of muscle from the upper lids, together with protruding or excessive orbital fat. On the lower lid, blepharoplasty suggests an elevation of skin-muscle flaps and removal of skin, muscle, and/or fat.

Since its inception, traditional blepharoplasty has been touted as the procedure to brighten and refresh the eye region. Commonly it fails miserably in this quest. Failure comes from two sources: (1) poor design of the blepharoplasty surgical procedure, which was conceived for a static model rather than the dynamic tissues of the human face and (2) poor patient selection.

In the Phillipines, “ eyebag removal”, “slit eye”, and “ deep set” also refer to blepharoplasty.

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