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By: About Affordable Noselift Rhinoplasty  06/24/2011


In my years of practice in cosmetic plastic surgery, this surgical enhancement procedure is the most popular. In the Philippines and some areas in East Asia, augmentation rhinoplasty is extremely popular. In my own private practice alone, it is the most sought after cosmetic surgery procedure and is increasing in frequency.

A typical Oriental nose has relatively flat dorsum and insufficient tip

projection. It is assumed that there is a desire of “westernization” since a high narrow nasal bridge is aesthetically desirable feature in Asian cultures. Sometimes flat oriental nose may be accompanied with alar flaring and thick lobular skin(overhanging alae). Thus augmentation rhinoplasty is done with alar trimming(marginal/vertical /horizontal /wedge/ sailboat excision) of the excess tissue and skin to achieve maximum aesthetic benefit.

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