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By: Bob Garon & Vandevoort Consultancy Inc.  09/28/2012
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Core services


- A people-oriented management instrument. It is designed to help executives verify the corporate culture with their underlying corporate philosophy and core values.

GROWTH ADVENTURE – Values, attitudes and sentiments of employees affect performance and team environment. This seminar focuses on flushing out emotional "basura" to resolve interpersonal conflicts, empowering employees to address and focus on the professional issues at work.


UPWARD BOUND - Using the basic Outward Bound Principle of teaching "life skills", the seminar aims to help participants actualize their potentials, instill discipline, imbibe proper attitudes, learn to handle feelings and improve self-image and worth.


Security is vital in any company. It should be able to provide trained personnel with appropriate force protection measures to keep the leadership, organization and customers’ safe from harm. Employees should also be well versed in risk and crisis management techniques and procedures to minimize damage when emergency response protocols go into effect.

In addition, information, physical, and personnel security measures must be precise, effective and efficient to avoid the grave situation a leak or accidental spillage of information would lead to the company and its employees.This program serves as a tool for top executives to appraise and improve the existing the capacity and capabilities of their security department.


Additional servicesPurchasing Appraisal/Monitoring; Supply Chain Management; Specialized Programs; Train the Trainer

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