Cultural Problems & Misunderstandings - How to stay happy and avoid unnecessary problems

By: Down Under Visa  11/22/2010
Keywords: philippines, Filipino, Australia

Despite the fact that you and your girl are obviously attracted to each other, you are both products of your own cultural upbringing. Despite the things you have in common, you both interpret the world around you through a different set of eyes and through different thought-processes. Remember that no culture has a monopoly on truth. And your Filipina girl marrying you does NOT mean she’ll suddenly become an Aussie girl. She will learn to adapt to your culture, but you at the same time need to learn to adapt to hers! Like all aspects of marriage, it is a two-way street.

It is NOT your job to “teach her the right ways to do things”. Our western, “white man’s” cultures have unfortunate histories of colonising and “civilising” the eastern and darker-skinned peoples, and this type of thinking is often more ingrained in our collective psyche than we would like to think it was. She has as much to teach you as you have to teach her.

So, make it your business to learn to understand your lady’s culture. And make sure you educate her in yours as well, because she’ll not only be living with you one day, she’ll be living within your culture too.

Keywords: Australia, Filipino, Marriage, philippines