We've been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Channel Net 25's

We've been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Channel Net 25's from Passion Overdrive Digital Services

By: Passion Overdrive Digital Services  12/28/2008
Keywords: Web Design, Digital Design, Digital Advertising

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I didn’t know what hit me but when I got a text inquiring for a website. I had the urge to ask as to where the client got my info. She says it’s from ENTREPRENEUR magazine. I went like “Ooh yeah…now I remember”. It was January of 2005 when a team of photographers went to my domicile, took Polaroid shots of poses which I thought would be a cinch to do but i had to guess again. My cheeks hurt and I was tired by the end of the Polaroid tests. I never thought they can use up to 5 rolls of film just to take my picture! I would usually consume that much on a trip to Africa or London but not on ONE single entity, not the least on a person like “Moi” A pose here and a pose there. It felt like graduation or a wedding reception. My smile was becoming fake after 2 rolls; I wanted to suck on ice just to ease my sore cheeks. Lito, the Art director was trying his best to make me exude the perfect smile. I thought being a model would be fun. HAH! I only had one pictorial session and it proved to be sooo… tiring. Having to let your eyes smile with your grin, giving a look which wasn’t easy to emote since I’ve got people around me, I can hardly guess at the way I was making a fool of myself =) The team was a gracious lot, enduring my inability to communicate with the lens. to think I’ve been emoting all my life given the opportunity to be in front of a mirror. =Dthe pictorial ended well, me exchanging numbers and emails with my new acquaintances. So, fast forward to the day when I got that text from a client…As soon as I was done with a meeting, to the bookstore I went and got myself a copy (well, ok, I got 3 copies hehehe. well of course i need this for my file, a copy for mom etc… did I hear you thinking “sure” =P) Lo and behold! MY TOOTHY grin on a glossy =D (* I look better in person hahaha)My kids were too proud to see their mom in full color on glossy paper and I was more than thankful for the person who goes by the name of Aireen Laserna, whom I’ve never met. Aireen is the author of the article, who actually interviewed me via email. I’ve been getting client inquiries via text. I’m busier more than ever. =) www.passion-digitaldesigns.com here we go!!! =D Moral of the story is start small, dream big and wear a toothy smile to bring in blessings. God bless you all!

Keywords: Digital Advertising, Digital Design, Digital Services, Web Design

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