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 PeopleCORE is Cycore’s “Proprietary” iHRIS designed to leverage the versatility of technology and attain effective & efficient management of an organization and its most important capital, its PEOPLE. The system is capable of full integration and automation of HR processes including:  Management of Staffing or Recruitment; 201 Records, Plantilla and Appointment Management; Management of Attendance and Payroll; Administration of Benefits such as Leaves and Medical; Management of Training and Development; Career Management; Management of Health Records; Performance Management; Link to Provident Fund; Administrative Discipline Management.
PeopleCORE is a browser-based system and accessible online anytime and at any computer. It promotes paperless operation and automation of critical services. Online services include: Applicant Services, Employee Services and Managerial Services.

The Applicant Services is an online tool allowing employees and applicants to view job vacancies and apply for career opportunities. The Employee Services is a self-service tool accessible only to employees. This online services will allow Employees to view their own data such as: Personnel Data Sheet or PDS; Attendance records; Payroll Information; Loan History and Loan Balances; Leave Records; and Contributions for GSIS, PhilHealth, Pag-ibig, and Provident Funds.

The Employee services also replace manual application forms into digital and allow online applications online such as: Leave, Overtime, Scheduling or changes of shift, Corrections of Daily Time Records or DTR, Changes in Day-off, Enrollment in Seminars and Trainings, Performance Evaluation and Employees can also request online for the issuance of Employment Certification and Certificates of Contributions.

All transactions applied online are integrated in a workflow and will pass trough series of notifications and approvals through e-mails. Supervisors, officers and managers approves’ employee applications through the Managerial services. In real-time, employees will be able to monitor the progress of their applications if it has been approved or disapproved by their respective approvers. 

Keywords: HRIS, Software, Technology



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