The Star Salesman: Effective Sales & Marketing Seminar/Workshop

The Star Salesman: Effective Sales & Marketing Seminar/Workshop from 1920 Solutions

By: 1920 Solutions  03/11/2011
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Stop beating around the bush and start getting that sales!  The main point in every business is PROFIT.  Without profit, your business will surely close.  This Seminar/Workshop will boost your sales people and reach your zenith in production.

I.   Introduction:  Why Selling
An introduction on the benefits of Sales & Marketing and how our economy revolves in it.  Finding a career in Sales.

II. The Star Salesman
Discussion on the characteristics of a good salesman.  This includes personality development and positive mind setting.

III. Organizing a Sales Force (For Supervisors)
For supervisors, this part will help you on how to organize a good sales team.  Where to get them and how to get them.

IV.Formulating a Sales Strategy
Every salesman can only be successful if he plans his work.  This part will give them ideas on how a salesman can formulate a good strategy for his sales career and work.

V. Prospecting & Research
Sales & Marketing is all about connection.  This part will give your sales people tips on how to find a good prospect and how to make research for an effective     strategy and work flow.

VI.Approaching Prospects
Every sales cycle starts with approach.  A good approach leaves a good impression to the client.  This part will help your sales people find a good way to approach prospects.

VII.Presenting your Product
Approaching a prospect only means that you were given a window of opportunity to present your product.  If a salesman doesn’t do well in his presentation, he will never get to the next level which is closing the sales.  This part will teach them how to make a good and effective presentation.

VIII.Handling Objections
Every salesman’s fear is objection but salesmanship thinks that objections can mean closing the sales.  This part will help them translate the negative in to positive sales.

IX. Closing the Deal
A good salesman knows how to close.  There is no sale until the deal is closed.  This part will discuss the psychology of closing the sales and will help your sales   people close that deal effectively!

Keywords: Sales coachings, Sales Trainings,