Enterprise Poseidon Crew Management Software

Enterprise Poseidon Crew Management Software from Engine RED Solutions

By: Engine RED Solutions  10/28/2009
Keywords: Crew Management, Manpower Solutions, payroll management

 Engine RED Solutions has a vision of connecting systems inside the workplace. This means different units of different departments interact one another -- sharing and receiving vast amounts of information timely and accurately all from a single data source. With Enterprise Poseidon™ , that vision extends to medium-to-large scale businesses in the Shipping and Crew Manning industry. Designed for a low total cost of ownership and built from the ground up using Microsoft technologies, Enterprise Poseidon™ will transform the way your company improves operational efficiency and process consolidation, creating a connected workplace that extends across office branches and locations. But more than technology, the solutions we carry is about people. Enterprise Poseidon™ frees decision makers, managers and crew-centered employees from time-consuming processes and empowers them with the information they need to focus on corresponding effectively to principals, suppliers, banks and the most valued crew members -- the key to building the business to profitable relationships.

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