Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts from R. Dan and Co., Inc.

By: R. Dan and Co., Inc.  06/10/2011
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Conveyor Belts

R. Dan and Co., Inc. is the pioneer company offeringconveyor and transmission belts in the Philippines. We import roll materialbelts from our principal – Forbo Siegling, Germany. We have ample stock in ourwarehouse to ensure we keep our commitment to faithfully provide our client’sneeds without any delay.


Regardless of the spectrum of specifications thatour clienteles may have, we can proudly say that our highly skilled staff canprovide the best and most economical solutions for their beltingspecifications.


Belt Applications

  • Food
  • Logistics
  • Industrial Production
  • Raw Materials
  • Printing
  • Paper Mills
  • Textiles


Conveyor and Processing Belts

Transilon conveyorand processing belts for speeding flow of goods and for economic processing inthe light materials handling industry.

With over 120 types and designs theTransilon range offers the required variety for the most diverse conveyingtasks in all areas at the same time - seemingly as a matter of course - undertakesadditional processing tasks too. 



High-efficiency flat belts

Extremultus high-efficiency flat belts are optimizedfor numerous operations and have proved themselves in nearly all areas ofmanufacture.


As power transmission belts they areresponsible for smooth transmission of power. High-efficiency tangential beltsand spindle tapes get the best out of machines in the textile industry. Foldercarrier belts and layboy tapes safeguard the precision of machine operations inletter-sorting systems and in paper, printing and packaging industries. 



Plastic Modular belting

Plastic modular belting is a usefulsupplement to conventional conveyor belts in many applications, often in foodmanufacture. It is easy-clean, durable and physiologically harmless. 



High-efficiency timing belts

In modern power transmission andhandling technology, timing belts are very versatile machine componentsoperating economically, accurately and reliably. 

Keywords: Baggage Handling Systems, Conveyor Belts, Conveyors,