Engineering Services

By: R. Dan and Co., Inc.  05/23/2011
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Engineering Services

R. Dan and Co., Inc. provides world classquality project consulting, engineering and equipment to paper industry.

R. Dan and Co., Inc. maintains an engineeringgroup composed of people with solid experience and expertise mainly in the pulp& paper industry.

With the use of progressive CADfacilities, we design and provide services for conveyors, equipment andprocesses for paper mills.  These services comprise basic and detailengineering works as required.

Our engineers are also covering ourcustomers’ needs in the field, in particular the areas of installation,commissioning of our supplies, as well as general troubleshooting and repairs. 


Machine Engineering

Machine Engineering comprises the drawings,data and information required for integration of the machine and unitscontained in RDCI’s scope of study.


The documents relating to the MachineEngineering contain the data of the machine and units necessary for the civilengineering and for the integration into the plant and are a prerequisite forthe performance of the Plant Engineering.


The Control Engineering services for theMachine Engineering include the engineering services necessary for theintegration of the machine or machine parts in  R. Dan and Co., Inc.’s scope of supply. They therefore cover the documentation for control components that form adirect part of the supply.


The services for machine engineering areincluded in the scope of supply of the machine and units.


Plant Engineering

The Plant Engineering comprises theintegration of all machines and units as well as the engineering of thetechnological processes for the partial systems inside the stock preparationand/or paper machine building.


According to its content, the PlantEngineering is subdivided into basic and detail engineering.



Preparation of the documents according towhich a plant is erected, mounted and installed.



Determination for the plant concept interms of space and process technology. Definition of the consumption data andlayout of the decisive plant components.


Mechanical & ProcessEngineering

With the use of modern CAD facilities,      R. Dan and Co., Inc. provides completeengineering services for paper machinery equipment and processes.


These engineering facilities are comprise ofcomputerized AutoCAD workstations, high precision plotters, and a library ofequipment and manuals compiled through our 57 years of designing, fabricatingparts for industrial plants.

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