Currency(Forex) Funds

Currency(Forex) Funds from Stonewill Funds

By: Stonewill Funds  04/17/2011
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Investment Objective

Stonewill Currency Funds are designed for trading currencies with the aim to deliver consistent absolute returns over medium to long term investment horizon while adhering to capital preservation by limiting drawdowns.


Stonewill trading approach is a combination of discretion and systematic trading. Discretion is applied in evaluating price behaviour and selection of trades. Decision making process for market entry and market timing draws from intuitive recognition of potential trading opportunities and experienced based interpretation of price patterns. Upon execution of selected trade, the approach becomes systematic adhering to rule-governed trading methods. This nature of approach allows us to select and adapt to different market scenarios; therefore, giving flexibility to the strategy.


Our strategy is a proprietary trading method built by experienced currency traders of Stonewill over the years of trading the currency market. The strategy employs dynamic and reactive technical trading with main focus on price reaction in relation to price levels attempting to capture short to medium term movements.

Risk Management

Risk Management governs our overall trading strategies. Our ability to enhance returns depends not only on the trading skill but mainly on how to preserve capital on downside market scenarios through our sizing techniques and Stop Loss level. Stop Loss level is predefined prior to execution of the trade and limits the risk of up to a maximum of 1% per trading idea and is strictly followed without question.

Keywords: funds, Investments