By: PER'TUA  08/25/2008
Keywords: Greenoil Ets Fuel Additive, Pertua Apex Motor Oil For Gasoline Engines, Pertua Atf,

ORIGIN OF PER'TUA The company that manufactures PER'TUA group of lubricants and petrochemical products, prior to getting into this business had the pursuit of activities closely allied with metallurgy, the science and technology of metals including metal fabrications, machine shop and welding technologies. In 1985 it diversified into a related field - lubrication technology. It was the convergence of metallurgy and lubrication technology that enabled its founder, JUANITO A. SIMON to invent and conceptualize a new technology that would produce a lubricant for oil and metal treatment that would significantly solve foremost problem in mechanical engines. Out of this new technology a product called Tribotech was formulated by Simon and was sold in the U.S. Tribotech had amazing results. It greatly reduced friction in the metal surfaces of engines resulting in better gas mileage, longer engine and oil life by as much as three times, and reduced carbon emissions. A torture test on Tribotech's efficiency was conducted by an independent consulting firm Project Group West of Cypress, California, whereby a car that had been earlier treated with Tribotech and then drained of all of its oil, was driven for 776 miles and the result was - no damage whatsoever to the vehicle. In 1994 Simon launched his version of Tribotech in the Philippines under the brand name Per'tua which is an abridgement of the term, perpetual, which means eternal life - eternal life for the machine. In 1995, Juanito Simon became accredited as a genuine International Inventor after he acquired a patent for the technology from the United States Patent Office and registered it worldwide (Meaning, this has global coverage). On that same year, he was awarded as Outstanding Energy Manager by the Department of Energy and the Energy Management Association of the Philippines.

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