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By: Glorious Ride BikeShop  03/30/2010
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Glorious  Ride


Bike Wash:    Php100.

Bike Detailing:      P500.

·   Disassembly / Wash / Hub, Headset & BB Greasing / Drivetrain Tune-Up /Complete Lube.

Bike Build (with Built Wheel set):   Php350

Bike Dis-assembly:        P300

Bike Disassembly and Build (Swap Parts):    P350   

Bottom Bracket / Crank Installation:      P100

Brake Bleeding With Oil / Fluid (Front & Rear):     P600

Brake /Hydraulic Line Cut With Bleeding:       P300 (Each)

Cable (Shifter / Brake) Replacement / Greasing:    Front P80 / Rear P85    

Cable Housing Replacement:     Front P75 / Rear P80

Chain Installation / Replacement:   P50

Drivetrain (Shifting) Tune-Up:     Front P50 / Rear P75

Disc Brake Installation:      P100

Disc Brake / Rotor Align:    P50

Fork Servicing (Change Oil & Cleaning) W/ Fork Oil        P600

Fork Steerer Tube Cut and Installation:    P100

Handle Bar Cut:       P100

Headset Removal / Installation:   P100

Hub Repacking:     Front P75 / Rear P150

Seat Post Tube Cut:         P50

Star-nut Installation:        P50

Star-nut Removal:          P50

Suspension Tuning:       Front P75 / Rear P75

Tire Swap:      P50 (Each)

Tube Patching (with installation):    P25 (75 each)

Tubeless Conversion:         P200 (F & R)

Wheel Build:                     P100 (Each)

Wheel Align:                    P125 (Each)

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