Creating Mission, Vision And Values

By: Leadership Academy  07/21/2010
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Creating Mission, Vision, and Values
Sailing Your Company Ship With Intention – Build The Framework to Support Success

Ironically, the linchpin to corporate achievement is the hardest element to create in a vacuum. Bringing in an expert facilitator like Jef Menguin to guide your team through this process can pay huge dividends. It is a notably smoother and accelerated progression towards finalizing this all important context for your business with expert assistance. Best of all, the relationship with the facilitator will be an ongoing one. This program offers continued support so that the living Mission, Vision & Values you’ve created continue to evolve and drive your company’s success.

    * Create a Sense of Purpose Within Your Company
    * Clarify and Define Company Values
    * Eliminate Directional Ambiguity
    * Build Consistency Within Your Business
    * Link Vision to Day-to-day Reality
    * Ensure Understanding of Corporate Mission
    * Make Certain Business Stakeholders Remain Focused
    * Know What Success Looks Like So You’ll Know When You Get There!

Make sure that the Mission, Vision and Values of your business exist within the minds and hearts of your staff. These concepts are at the core of your company. And as such, they must reach beyond existing as a footnote to your website or a sign on the wall reception.

Jef Menguin will deliver this program in tandem with any other program or as a standalone product. The more company stakeholders that can be involved with this process, the better.

Schedule of   Public Seminar

August 10, 2010                Speak with Confidence

August 24, 2010                Customer Service Excellence

September 14, 2010        Speak with Confidence

October 28-29, 2010        High Impact Presentation

October 12, 2010              Speak with Confidence

October 26, 2010            Stress for Success

November 9, 2010           Speak with Confidence

November 23, 2010         Personal Development

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Keywords: leadership, seminars in metro manila, Team Building,