By: Leadership Academy  07/15/2010
Keywords: leadership, Human Resource, Team Building


This program is designed to enhance team development in established work teams. With business and industry focusing more and more on team participation to meet quality standards, the ability of teams to work effectively is critical to success. In order for intact teams to develop successfully and become productive, members must have a solid understanding of their team’s group processes.

This training program helps team members assess their styles of interaction as well as their level of team development. These are key assessments that established teams need to consider before they can achieve maximum productivity.

Training Objectives
Participants will have the following opportunities:
     To explore their feelings about the team’s effectiveness;
     To practice observing interaction patterns during an actual team meeting;
     To learn the phases of team development; and
     To develop a plan to improve team productivity.

Schedule of   Public Seminar

August 10, 2010                Speak with Confidence

August 24, 2010                Customer Service Excellence

September 14, 2010        Speak with Confidence

October 28-29, 2010        High Impact Presentation

October 12, 2010              Speak with Confidence

October 26, 2010            Stress for Success

November 9, 2010           Speak with Confidence

November 23, 2010         Personal Development


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Keywords: enhancing established teams seminars, Human Resource, leadership, Team Building,