Japan Surplus Office Furniture, Business Equipment

Japan Surplus Office Furniture, Business Equipment from Office Busters

By: Office Busters  08/30/2009
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 What is 3R ? Officebusters suggest 3Rs! Natural disasters are increasing because of environmental problems, most of which are direct results of excessive use of natural resources.   How can we stop it ? 3Rs are the best solution. We need to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Buying second hand goods is not only cost effective but good for mother EARTH.  
Let us do what we can today!  

Why Japanese office furniture is better ?  

DURABALITY Office furniture from Japan are durable because there’s a standard called JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). Furniture makers needs to pass the test to be approved by JIS. It is under government control and it mandates that Steel Office furniture must have the durability of at least 15 years. HIGH

QUALITY Office Furniture from Japan must adhere with JIS' specifications such as: steel thickness, screw, painting, and other parts. GOOD DESIGNJapanese companies are very particular when it comes to office furnituredesign, because they believe that the office environment would affectthe creativity and imagination of the workers.

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