Modern Vision Founded on Time-tested Values

Modern Vision Founded on Time-tested Values from SIAPNO + BUENDIA DESIGN INC.


Siapno + Buendia Design Inc.
Modern Vision Founded on Time-tested Values. by Ramon Cabarrubia

A building, is a building is a building... or is it? If you ask a child what makes a building a decent one, he might say that it should be tall. If you ask someone who works inside a building, he might say in jest and in truth that it should be a structure that’s strong enough to shelter him and not to collapse on him. And if you ask the architects at Siapno + Buendia Design Inc. ( SBDI ), chances are, they’d go beyond a building’s physical definition. For in their eyes, a building symbolizes life, vision, harmony of ideas and traditional values that modern times can learn so much from. Architects Peter Emmanuel Yatco Buendia and Mark Joseph Feliciano Siapno are the principals of Siapno + Buendia Design, Inc. They work in collaboration with Arch. Dominic Thomas Estrada Villanueva, SBDI’s urban planner and consultant. The team has the skill and propensity for giving shape to the client’s vision in their structures and designs without sacrificing their own professional seal and perspective. They call this philosophy of incorporating the vision of a client into their work and design “end-user mentality. “ What makes SBDI unique is how the perspective of the principals melds with the ideas and preferences of the clients and the needs of the end-users. SBDI’s trademark is teamwork, which in truth is the essence of collaborative architecture. Without it, any architectural endeavor would be an exercise in disorientation. To the principal architects of SBDI, being "men for others, well rounded and constantly aiming for excellence" makes for the very first step in the design process. Not content with just putting the SBDI name on a building, or design, the team makes sure that the customer is involved in the design decisions. Thus, the client’s name and the architects’ names are etched side by side on the space or structure as co-designers. The company's idea of a good project is something that their customers can be happy about. To them, a satisfied client means a good design. On that principle, a building or space designed by SBDI takes form and function. Design fusion is another remarkable trademark of Siapno + Buendia Design Inc. The company has a remarkable way of fusing old and new influences. Taking cues from world-renown architects like Tadao Andao, Richard Meier, and Daniel Lebiskind, as well as local architects like Francisco Mañosa, Leandro V. Locsin, and Eduardo Calma, SBDI subscribes to tried and tested design concepts and infuses them with their own personal flair while incorporating the ideas of their customers. Open creativity makes their buildings unique and their projects one of a kind. There is always a modern Asian flavor in their ideas. They attribute this to the training that they obtained from Architects Francisco Mañosa, Leandro V. Locsin, and Lor Calma. Always thinking about what's feasible and what's practical, yet not compromising their own vision and that of their customer's, Siapno + Buendia Design Inc. makes sure that there is harmony throughout the whole construction process. One working guideline is that every idea should be heard, and that the final decision should stand. SBDI associates are trained this way. In starting a new project, designs are conceptualized though brainstorming. Initial sketches are done by the principals, and then passed on to the staff members for additional inputs, critique and consensus.The drawings are submitted later on to the senior staff for further enhancements. As the project progresses, the principals oversee the development stages and set the direction for the course of action of the design team involved. As mentioned before, they make sure that the clients are part of the design team. SBDI creates a dynamic environment by finding new and innovative solutions to problems through collaboration, open-minded communication, harmony in diversity, and openness to change. Solutions to financial, physical, lifestyle or cultural issues are always seen as a challenge by the design team. Change is effected through a feedback mechanism that serves as a basis for research and design innovation. SBDI’s mantra in the workplace is that learning is a collaborative process, and that the learning stops only when they stop asking questions. This means that their quest for knowledge, experience and expertise never ends. That is what keeps their design process fresh and evolving. SBDI also adheres to the philosophy that no two projects are alike, that quality is always better than quantity, and that every project should have its own unique and distinctive features that meet the needs and preference of the end users.Constantly reinventing themselves and experimenting on new ideas, principal architects Buendia and Siapno, together with urban planner Architect Villanueva, guide and motivate their team towards the realization of their customer's ideas and concepts. They key elements in meeting the needs of the end-users ( i.e., physical, economic, lifestyle and cultural ) are technical innovation, appropriate selection and matching of materials, space maximization, and physical comfort. Thus the following factors are thoroughly evaluated: - Site and context: Orientation, sun and wind paths, terrain, capitalization on good views and privacy. - Materials: genuineness, quality, strength and durability. - Quality of workmanship – good to the smallest detail, from plans to implementation and project turnover - Natural light and its absolute importance in designing all living spaces Architects Peter EmmanuelYatco Buendia, Mark Joseph Feliciano Siapno, Dominic Thomas Estrada Villanueva and their associates are hard at work redefining Filipino architecture, bringing youth, creativity, and passion to the art of sculpting space. They pick sound architectural values from ancient traditions and mold them according to their modern vision. Thus, their designs combine simplicity and naturalism, and are often enhanced with the whimsical. Open creativity is the keystone of their design process. Uncompromising values and vision elevate their structures and spaces to an art form. Eager to contribute to the crystallization of a truly distinctive Filipino architecture, Siapno + Buendia Design, Inc. relentlessly blazes a notable trail in the constantly changing Philippine landscape. No doubt, the industry is taking good notice of these young architects whose modern ideas and visions are founded on time-tested values.


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