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By: Tees and Prints Enterprise Philippines  03/31/2011
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                     High Pressure Digital Heat Press Machine forBusiness                                                              

Now : P10,500.00 Only

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What  You Need to Know Before buying your first Heat Press Machine


A heat press is a machine engineered to imprint a personalized design or graphic on a substrate, such as a t-shirt, with the application of heat and pressure for a preset period of time. While heat presses are often used to apply designs to fabrics, they can also be used to imprint designs on flat garments, pillow cases, mouse pads, mugs, plates,baseball caps, jigsaw puzzles,tote bags, tiles, and other products.


Heat press machine personalized printing is a very rewarding business. No need to be like James Bond or Mcgyver to use this. Tees and Prints Digital Heat Press Is user friendly and is great for:

> Inkjet heat transfer
> Laser heat transfers
> Sublimation heat transfers
> Vinyl lettering and graphics
> Silk screened (plastisol) transfers
> Rhinestone application
> basically anything designed to be printed with a heat press machine

How to Do it ? It is very Simple yet sounds so complicated ...

You can grab a design from the internet , your hard drive ( Computer ) , camera, cell phones or any removal storage device and Print it on your Pigment or Sublimation Printers ( just how you print on documents ) BUT this time on a specialized Heat Transfer Paper or Sublimation Paper.

You can now Heat Press you designs to any fabric or other impritable products. We will teach you how to do this upon purchase.
Tees and Prints Heat Press Machines are used to imprint designs on Fabrics, baseball caps, mugs, plates, jigsaw puzzles,tote bags, tiles, mugs and other products.

Here in the Philippinesyou can market it almost anywhere --> because this technology is DIGITAL and PERSONALIZED. Some tips where you can market this:

> Corporate give-aways,personal use ( Imagine having your own design on your shirt? ), home business, school uniforms, campaign shirts, group shirts, frat shirts, religous shirts, team shirts, couple shirts, family shirts ( ideal for reunion ) .. i told --- you can market this anywhere! Below is a sample Costing.

Tshirt Cost in Divisoria White ----> P50.00 ( Retail Price )
1 a4 Size U.S. Transfer Paper ----> P30.00 ( Retail Price )
Ink Cost ----> P 3.00 ( Pigment Ink )
Electricity Cost ----> P 2.00 ( Pressing time of 20 secs )

Mall Price for selling ----> P350 - P450
You can PLAY w/ your own price ----> P250 - P350

Let's say a bike group bought a personalized shirt from you as initial order of 50 pcs for P250.00.
50 pcs x P250.00 ( your selling price ) = P12,500.00
Less Production Costs P 4,250.00

* Wholesale price of shirts in divisoria is around P45.00 ONLY
* Wholesale price of our U.S. Heat Transfer Paper White A4 is P25.00 ONLY

note: this is just a sample but OFCOURSE you might want to deduct some other expenses such as transpo allowance and food, your vices :) etc.

If in one month you can sell around 100 pcs of shirts alone! Well that is P16,500.00! Simple math :)

Selling 100 pcs of shirts is very easy nowadays! Why? ..

> How many friends you got on facebook or Tweeter ? Posting and tagging in Facebook is just one click away!
> How about your neighbors?
> How many relatives you have here and abroad?
> Do you know of any Organization that might be interested?
> How about your team shirts in school or office?
> How about upcoming reunions or social gatherings? Im sure you need one.
> How about printing for a cause?
> How about giving your loved ones their shirts?
> How about your BOSS or your marketing/purchasing department?
> More people look for presents, gifts or give-aways everyday.

No Need to get your own store ( Bricks and Mortar ) . Online marketting is enough TO SELL atleast 200 shirts / month.
There is a lot of things you can do with this machine. It is so easy to use and guess what, i already gave you heaps of tips on how to earn!

Ok now that you have read this .. let's keep this as our top secret. :) You might want to start now before someone else does. Give us a call and we can set you an appointment for your Hands-on Training! Let us handle the technical part all you got to do now is think on how to make extra income.

TREAT yourself every deal you close! Ofcourse Get your MOM and DAD their couple shirts, your sister's bf or your brother's gf or your friends or even your boss!! THINK OF THEM AS YOUR WALKING ADVERTISEMENT!! :)

Tees and Prints ONLY sells Branded U.S. Transfer Paper Made by Neenah U.S.A. All designs are guaranteed to last longer compared to generic or China made transfer papers.




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Keywords: Digital Heat Press Machine for T-shirts

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