Solving a Crisis

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The ARL approach to solving a crisis

The current global financial crisis is impacting almost every country and organization, with painful effects that include bankruptcy filing, employee lay-offs, and cost cutting. Many organizations are now restructuring, seeking loans to finance inventory, entering merger negotiations, closing facilities and increasing share in a diminishing market.

To survive and prosper organizations have to address the challenges now. And as they do, they are struck by paradoxical forces that must be faced – managing and solving a crisis quickly and deliberatively. The results however, must come from a calm, reflective process. The emotional stress accompanying a crisis often inhibits reflection, creativity and sound judgment.

LIM’s Solving a Crisis Workshop provides organizations with a focused, swift and powerful process for resolving a crisis. It allows key individuals to slow down, reflect, think, feel, and together, create a solution that endures in a relatively short period of time. Key aspects of the workshop include objective assessment of cause and effect, capturing lessons learned, input from key stakeholders, evaluation of options, selection of the best strategy and a detailed action plan.

Depending upon the crisis and on the make-up of the team involved, LIM’s Solving a Crisis Workshop requires from 1 to 2 days. During the workshop, a LIM Coach will help participants resolve the crisis while learning principles, tools and techniques for solving other crises in the future. Our Action Reflection Learning™ approach allows people to learn a problem-solving approach while resolving the crisis at hand with deliberate speed.

Keywords: leadership



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