AIS PayCheck System with HRIS - Philippine Payroll Software

AIS PayCheck System with HRIS - Philippine Payroll Software from Algar Information Systems Inc

By: Algar Information Systems Inc  05/07/2012
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PayCheck is an integrated Philippine HRIS and Payroll Software Solution System that manages your company’s (or group of companies') employees and payroll computation processing. Designed primarily for use by companies operating in the Philippines, It can be used with Employee Smart Card IDs, RFIDs or Barcode IDs (all optional) with biometrics fingerprint or iris scanning authentication to facilitate employee time entries and eliminate fraud. Simply put, PayCheck is a fast, secure, accurate and easy-to-use payroll software solution that simplifies the burden of managing your company’s payroll and HR functions, and lets you concentrate on the other aspects of running your business.

What can you do with PayCheck?

Process Payroll Quickly and Accurately
PayCheck can handle all of your company’s most demanding payroll computation processing requirements. Whether an employee’s salary is computed based on time-entries, piece-rate or trips travelled, PayCheck can handle it all. Salaries can be issued weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. It also automatically calculates for night differential pay, overtime pay, Philippine-based requirements such as SSS, PhilHealth and PAG-IBIG contributions, withholding tax, loan payments and deductions.

Eliminate “Buddy-Clocking” Fraud
PayCheck works with optional biometric fingerprint scanners coupled with Employee Smart Card IDs, RFIDs (contactless cards or proximity cards) or even barcode IDs to facilitate time-entries. This lets you eliminate fraud due to “buddy clocking” by doing away with time-cards and bundy clocks, and having employees use only their fingers and IDs for clocking in and out of work. It can also import files generated from your existing time-keeping system (if any).

Manage Employee Profiles
PayCheck can also act as your HRIS by allowing you to enter comprehensive biodata on all your employees, including family and personal information, employee photos and signatures. Manage and track your employee profiles, salary history , violations, trainings, skills, and even enter employee evaluation forms (appraisal forms) online. New features have been added to even allow you to "design" your own appraisal forms, based on the position of the employee.

Manage Flexible Work Schedules
With PayCheck, you can enter flexible or fixed work shcedules. You can also also enter "special schedules" to override the employee's normal fixed schedule. Time-entries will be checked against work schedules, and can ask for approval for irregular work hours. The time-rounding function allows you to setup rules that will automatically round-up or round-down the time-entry for employees who either time-in early or late, or time-out early or late. You can also schedule employee leaves and track leave balances for all sorts of leave types such as vacation leave, sick leave, maternity leave, bereavement leave, etc.

Track Loans and Deductions
Track an unlimited number of loans and loan types, as well as any number of payroll deductions. Tracking of loan payments is also done easily and accurately. Various loan and deduction reports keep you on top of all these.

Generate Various Reports
Various detailed, summary and graphical reports allow you to analyze your company’s payroll-related expenses. Keep a close eye on overtime pay per department or branch over a time-period. See which employees are overworked or under-utilized. Monitor which employees are late or always absent. View the trend of your company’s salary expenses.

System Features

Supports Multiple Companies and Branches
PayCheck can support centralized computation processing for multiple branches or a group of companies, each with its own payroll configuration or payroll policies.

Intuitive Graphical Interface
Anyone who can use Windows will find PayCheck easy to learn and easy to use! The online help manual and animated tutorials make sure that you always know what to do.

Numerous Detailed, Summary and Graphical Reports
PayCheck can generate all types of Payroll-related reports such as Payslips, Paysheets, Contribution Reports, Quarterly Remittance Reports, BIR reports, and even graphical summary reports. Reports include but are not limited to:

  • SSS, Philhealth, PAGIBIG reports (monthly and quarterly, electronic files and hardcopies)
  • Paysheet reports, payslip reports (detailed and summary)
  • Bank reports (electronic and hardcopies) - we can even integrate to your bank's own payroll program
  • BIR reports (1601c, 2316, 1700, alphalists, etc.)
  • Loan reports (detailed, summary, per employee, per loan type, loan balances, loan payments, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous earnings (summary, detailed, per employee, etc.)
  • Time-Entry / Attendance reports (summary, detailed, per branch, per company, tardiness, etc.)
  • Scheduling reports (per employee, per branch, etc.)
  • Employee list reports (detailed, summary, per departmet, manpower complement count, etc.)

Single or Network Installation
PayCheck can be installed on a single PC or multiple PCs over a single network, allowing for multiple users to access the system simultaneously.

Robust and Flexible Security Access
The System Administrator has complete control over who has access to what. For example, an encoder might be able to enter employee profiles, but only a manager can view and approve payroll figures. Security can also be set per branch or company.

Works with most Time-Keeping Solutions
Whether you want to use any of our existing time-keeping solutions (biometric fingerprint scanning, iris scanning, RFIDs / contactless / proximity cards, barcode IDs, PIN-entry) or you want us to integrate with your existing hardware - Paycheck is your ideal solution.

Simply put, Paycheck is the most complete and flexible Philippine payroll software / Philippine payroll solution out in the Philippines right now. Streamline your payroll processing and employee management with Paycheck.

Minimum Hardware requirements:
- Pentium Based PC (equivalent or faster)
- 128MB RAM (512MB recommended)
- 1 GB free disk space
- Microsoft Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 7 OS

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Keywords: It Services, It Solutions, Payroll and HRIS

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