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By: Algar Information Systems Inc  05/07/2012
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TeleScope is a Call Management / Call Accounting System that puts you in control and lets you monitor and analyze your company’s phone activity, helping you measure and evaluate business activity, long distance bills, telephone abuse and much more.

What can you do with TeleScope?

Identify Telephone Misuse and Abuse
With TeleScope, you can monitor how much time your employees spend making personal calls. Find out how much this activity is really costing your company, considering not only line charges and long distance rates, but also payroll-related expenses. TeleScope will help detect and eliminate call misuse and abuse.

Improve Employee Productivity
Use TeleScope to encourage employees to be more productive by being able to monitor their phone use and limit time spent on personal calls.

Evaluate Customer Service
Use TeleScope to identify peak times for incoming call traffic. Find out how many calls your customer service department is receiving, how many are not being answered, the duration of each call, and if provided, the name and number of the calling party. TeleScope can assist in recovering missed sales opportunities, or provide critical information that will assist you in staffing, training, and evaluating customer service personnel.

Improve Sales Activity
Do you have telemarketing or telesales staff? If so, TeleScope can help you measure their daily performance. Find out if they are making enough prospecting calls, returning their calls, or placing essential follow-up calls. TeleScope can provide you with call summary and detailed reports which takes the guesswork out of call management.A graphical representation of the country also lets you monitor and evaluate nationwide telesales and telemarketing activities.

Allocate Costs Effectively
Find out telephone costs per department or individual and see if people are staying within the budget. Charge back departments for phone costs based on their actual usage. Determine which departments, projects, products are profitable and which aren’t.

Perform System Diagnostics
With TeleScope, you can find out how many phone lines are needed, if all lines are working, or if you are paying for lines you don’t need.

TeleScope Reports:
- Longest calls
- Most expensive calls
- Most called numbers
- Unanswered Calls Reports
- Call Detail Reports
- Call Summary Reports
- Call Count Graphical Reports
- Company Directory Reports
- Country Graphical Reports
- Plus More!

System Features

Compatible with most PBX systems
TeleScope can be adapted for any PBX system that has a Station Message Detail Reporting (SMDR) port.

Intuitive Graphical Interface
Anyone who can use Windows will find TeleScope easy to learn and easy to use!

Flexible Call Costing Options
Multiple time-dependent rates can be assigned for each area code, zone or region.

Numerous Detail, Summary and Graphical Reports
Graphical and Summary Reports will provide you with an overview of call activity, while Detailed Reports lets you scrutinize each call. Reports can be generated with or without accompanying graphs that include line charts, pie charts and bar graphs.

Flexible Call Filtering Options
Filter or sort calls by date, time, department, extension, area code, contact type, account code, cost, type of call, country, plus more!

Report Scheduling
TeleScope allows you to schedule reports so that they are automatically sent as an email, exported to a file, or printed out on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

True Cost Anaylsis
TeleScope not only monitors the telephone charges associated with each call, but also the corresponding payroll expense for each employee. Now you can really measure the true value of your company’s telephone activity.

Call Geographic Anaylsis
TeleScope can display a graphical map of the country, displaying call activity for a particular region or province. This lets you see the reach of your telemarketing or telesales departments.

Minimum Hardware requirements:
- Pentium Based PC
- 1GB RAM or higher
- 500 MB free disk space
- one RS232 port connected to the SMDR port of the PBX
- Microsoft Windows XP or higher
* Caller ID is necessary for inbound call tracking. The PABX system must have caller-id capabilities, and the service must be provided by your telephone company.

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