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Hi we are selling wholesale of a wide a variety of french fries that you will need, it is best intended for as small as food kiosk and as huge as restaurants. These products are serving on most top food chains.

Shoestring Fries
The classic french fry is a popular choice from fast foods to food kiosks. They cook to a crisp, golden brown with a light and fluffy taste. No shorties here! Every fry is lean and long, sure to satisfy demanding customers.

Twister Fries
The traditional fry rolled and shaped like a screw. This novel alternative adds excitement to any menu.

Steak-Cut Fries
The thick-cut premium fry is bursting with full potato flavor in every bite. It has a crisp, golden brown appearance and a baked potato-like texture inside. Perfect beside tasty pork chops, hearty one-pound burgers and of course, large, juicy steaks!

Wedge Cut Fries
The chunky fry for those who want more out of their fries.

Hash Browns
A quick-cooking breakfast favorite that’s perfect for the morning rush.

*we also cater specialty fries like

* Criss Cut Fries
* Crinkle Cut Fries
* Tri Patties
* Starz
* Natural Chips

Keywords: french fries, twister fries


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