2012 UPCAT / ACET / DLSU /UST College entrance test REVIEW POGRAM

2012 UPCAT / ACET / DLSU /UST   College entrance test REVIEW POGRAM from High Achievers Tutorial And Review Center

By: High Achievers Tutorial And Review Center  03/08/2008
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2012  ( /ACET)



Batch Schedule:  as of December 28,2011(5:00 PM)       

Batch 1:        April 11 -  April 27,2012       M,W,F,Sat  
Batch 2:        April 19 -  May 3,2012          T,Th,Sat
Batch 3:        April 24 -  May 12,2012        T,Th,Sat   
Batch 4:        April 25 -  May 9,2012          M,W,F,Sat    
Batch 5:        May 2   -  May 19,2012         M,W,F,Sat    

Batch 6:        May 8   -  May 26,2012         T,Th,Sat  

Batch 7:        May 11 -  May 26,2012         M,W,F,Sat  
Batch 8:        May 15 -  June 2,2012         T,Th,Sat
Batch 9:        May 20 -  June 3,2012         M,W,F,Sun
Batch 10:      May 23 -  June 3,2012        Tue,Wed,Fri,Sat,Sun       
Batch 11:      To be announced April 2012     

    Batch 11:   June 2 - June 11       M,T,W,TH,Fri,Sat      (SOON TO OPEN)    
Review includes: 

• 19 review sessions equivalent to 76 hours.  + 15 hours HA Online reviewers  

• INCLUDED  Career Orientation, Test taking tips, Test assistance and Personality Test

• Also includes Diagnostic Test, Advance Physics & Advance Math (4th year subjects) 

• Review  materials and modules are included.

• Experience our ELF System (Electronic Learning Facility)

• The first review center to offer Grand Review Program (8hrs. Refresher review 1 week before  Exam)

            •  Fully Air-conditioned rooms  & NO BROWNOUTS

            • 15 Students per batch 

            First come First serve basis

All Instructors are UP Graduates

FREE!!! Limited 2012 Edition High Achievers Doodle Bag and other Freebies. 

1 day review program with Modules
Date: July 28, 2012, Saturday 
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue: The Grand Ballroom, Hotel Rembrandt
26 Tomas Morato Extension, Quezon City, Philippines

 NOTE: H.A. Office Hours

                Regular Office Hours:  Monday- Friday: 8am - 6pm  
                                Saturday: 8am - 5pm              

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call: 426- 3496

Visit us at: #38-F Kamias Road Q.C.  

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High Achiever Batch 2010-2011 Passers 
to be posted Jan.17,2011
 Results: h.up.edu.ph/results/index.html   NOW AVAILABLE 
ACET Results:   (Jan.7 to 14,2010)
UST Results:   (JAN.27 or 28) 
High Achiever Batch 2010 Passers 


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Disclaimer:High Achievers Review Program does not ensure the success of passing the entrance examination of the reviewee but provide them necessary tools and materials to prepare the reviewee in handling their College Entrance test.

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