Supplier of Preventive Maintenance Chemicals

Keywords: Cleaning Chemicals, Maintenance Chemicals

Our product line includes wide array of industrial chemicals:

  • Air-Conditioning and Descaling Chemicals

      Aircon Coil Cleaner (Alkaline and Acid Based)

      Self-Rinsing or No rinse Coil Cleaner

      Descaler for boilers, heat exchangers and condensers

      Descaling Neutralizer

  • Electrical and Mechanical Chemicals

      Penetrating Oil

      Contact Cleaner

      Moisture Displacer

      Battery Terminal Protector

      Solvent Degreaser

      Water Soluble Degreaser

      Rust Converter

      Rust Remover

      Belt Dressing

      Insulating Varnish
  • Shipping and Transport Chemicals

      Paint and Varnish Remover

      Carbon Remover

      Engine Air Cooler Cleaner

      Radiator Cleaner

  • Greases
  • Housekeeping Chemicals

      All Purpose Cleaner

      Air Freshener

      Car Shampoo

      Disinfectant and Deodorizer

      Drain Clog Remover / Declogger (Super Strength)

      Food Area Equipment Cleaner

      Garbage Deodorizer

      Glass Cleaner (Acid Rain Residue Remover)

      Liquid Hand Soap

      Odor Counteractant

      Stainless Steel Cleaner

      Toilet Bowl Cleaner

      Liquid Chlorine

  • Water Treatment Chemicals with water testing

     Corrosion and scale Inhibitor (for Cooling Towers)


     Corrosion Inhibitor (for Chillers)

     Anti-fouling chemicals (for Chillers)

     Boiler Oxygen scavenger

Raw Materials 
    Caustic soda pearl
    Sodium gluconate
    Sodium Tripolyphosphate

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Keywords: Cleaning Chemicals, Maintenance Chemicals