By: PHILMA Marketing Consultancy and Services International Company  04/13/2010
Keywords: Enzyme Cleaner

PHILMA, a subsidiary of Green Airtech of Malaysia, introduces this very exciting and very revolutionary product from Australia, the Airestec technology uses environmental friendly bio-active enzymes and cleaning agents to de-contaminate and treat all components that are in contact with the air-flow through the air-conditioning unit, to sanitise and prevent growth of bio-film (jelly), bacteria, fungus, algae and mould.

PHILMA believes that without proper maintenance technology, every office is prone to Sick Building Syndrome, can cause allergic reactions, headaches, fever, lung and respiratory infections, difficulty in concentrating and fatigue reducing employee productivity in offices and students in schools. Bacteria, fungus and moulds can travel throughout the entire home or building affecting the individual’s ability to concentrate on tasks or maintain good respiratory health.  It is proven that poor indoor air quality results in people taking days off to recover their health.

PHILMA further states that conventional approach to air-conditioning system maintenance uses chemicals that are either acidic or alkaline in nature.  Due to its toxic properties, the conventional approach has many setbacks.  The ability of chemicals to clean thoroughly is questionable.  Superficially, the air-conditioning unit looks clean but on deeper inspection it is found to be clogged with bio-film (jelly), bacteria, fungus, algae and mould build up.  This is likened to treating the symptoms instead of the cause as the indoor air quality continues to be contaminated, perpetuating the Sick Building Syndrome.  Further contamination by cleaning chemicals goes against the global effort towards green living.  Conventional cleaning chemicals also release residue into our air and water-ways further harming the earth’s already fragile environment.

Keywords: Enzyme Cleaner

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